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1. Harry Cherry Tomatoe
(November 2012/Fiction)
by Xenia Taiga I wanted Tomatoe to be my name but two other girls in my class already had Tomato. My next thought was Cherry but that was already taken. I then thought of Harry because I like Harry P

2. Xenia Taiga
(November 2012/Contributors)
Xenia Taiga lives in southern China. A previous short story portfolio of hers came second in a competition run by UK publishers Biscuit. "Harry Cherry Tomatoe" is her first published piece a

3. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(November 2012/Front page)
...ur Leung, Jason Hun Eng Lee, Belle Ling, Jennifer Wong Fiction: Xie Shi Min, Grace Andreacchi, Dorothy Place, Xenia Taiga, Saranyan BV "Misinterpretation" Flash Fiction - contest winners: T...

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