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... the temptation to turn into a bitter rant. Cultural contact, tolerance and acculturation take centre-stage in Sreedhevi Iyer's short story excerpt "Green Grass." It tells the story o...

2. Guest Editors
(March 2016/Contributors) Kong Baptist University and his areas of interest include poststructuralism and postmodernism. [Cha profile] Sreedhevi Iyer helped select the prose in the March 2016 issue of Cha. She has been no...

3. Kadaram
(March 2014/Fiction)
by Sreedhevi Iyer However much the car shuddered, my voice had to ring out. The words could not shudder like the car. "When you say it the way it is supposed to be said," Father had mention

4. Sreedhevi Iyer
(March 2014/Contributors)
Sreedhevi Iyer is an Indian-Malaysian-Australian who no longer knows what to call herself. She is a graduate of the first cohort of City University Hong Kong’s unique MFA program in Asian Writin

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2014/Front page)
...d L. Provencher, Arlene Yandug, Maj Ikle, Hao Guang Tse, Leondrea Tan, Amit Shankar Saha Fiction: Mark Crimmins, Sreedhevi Iyer, Peter Phillips, Peabody Winston Creative non-fiction: Mary J. Breen,...

6. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2016/Front page)
Issue​ 31​ of Cha is here. We would like to thank guest editors ​Jason S Polley (poetry) and Sreedhevi Iyer (prose) for reading the submissions with us and helping us put together ​th

... 2019 - "Writing Vietnam": Nhã Thuyên and Kaitlin Rees #45, June 2019 - Jason S Polley and Sreedhevi Iyer #44, March 2019 - "Writing Macau": Un Sio San and Héld...

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