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1. Make It New
(December 2013/Editorial)
...ion. Likewise, we have translations of poetry by contemporary poets Xi Chuan 西川, Xiao Kaiyu 肖开愚 and Shamim Reza, meditating on the Asian past, as well as translations of classical Chinese (...

2. Dulal Al Monsur
(December 2013/Contributors) the Mind by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o (2010) into Bangla. He has also translated Fluvial Legends on Stone by Shamim Reza and One Hundred Poems by Abu Karim (Vols. 1 and 2) into English. [Translatio...

3. Shamim Reza
(December 2013/Contributors)
Shamim Reza, one of the prominent poets of Bangla literature, was born on 8 March 1971 in Jhalokathi district, Bangladesh. He completed his BA Honours and MA in Bangla literature from Jahangirnagar Un

4. Two Poems
(December 2013/Translation)
by Shamim Reza, translated by Dulal Al Monsur The Blue Fig At the night of creation, in one hand of the blue fig your image was held; in another- my heart. When two thousand two blind afternoo

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