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...Suite and Other Poems, Proverse, 2009. 125 pgs. (includes 2 CDs containing readings of all the poems by the author) Rocco de Giacomo, Ten Thousand Miles between Us, Quattro Books, 2009. 78 pgs. C. P. ...

2. Rocco de Giacomo
(February 2010/Contributors)
Rocco de Giacomo is a widely published poet whose work has most recently been accepted in the literary journals Vallum and The Carolina Quarterly and has recently appeared The Antigonish Review and To

3. Angels
(February 2010/Poetry)
by Rocco de Giacomo 1. They appear in photos of dreary hiking trails and flat, grey cloud. You see them in shots of blazing ski-hills and universal street corners, walking in khakis and blues, ey

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2010/Front page)
...owman Jr., Michael O'Sullivan, Lucy Lu, Ocean Vuong, Mariejoy San Buenaventura, Papa Osmubal, Jean YeoJin Sung, Rocco de Giacomo, Selina Libi Bjorlie, Chris Tse, Angela Eun Ji Koh, Greg Santos, Ly...

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(August 2008/Front page)
...tures 24 writers/artists: Gil Azouri, Isabela Banzon, David Braden, Winnie Chau, Grace V. S. Chin, SuzAnne C. Cole, Rocco De Giacomo, Lee Herrick, Louise Ho, Philip Holden, Kristy Joe, Ken Kamoche, Wi...

6. Rocco De Giacomo
(August 2008/Contributors)
Rocco de Giacomo is a widely published poet whose work has appeared in literary journals in Canada, Australia, the UK and the US. His most recently publications include magazines such as Contemporary

7. Rite of Passage
(August 2008/Poetry)
by Rocco de Giacomo You want to eat at a place with a busy turnover, where the cook wears a shirt and the wait staff isn't mopping out the sewer drains. You've been looking for so long now bu

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