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1. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(November 2008/Front page)
...he submissions with us. The new issue features poetry by former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins and new fiction by Nirmala Pillai. Other writers/artists featured in the issue include Sam Byfield, Grace...

2. Kavala--a Junction
(November 2008/Fiction)
by Nirmala Pillai Under the grey washed sky, the rumble of the vehicle echoed among the forested hill-sides. It grunted up the steep hairpin curves of the mist-chilled ranges. In front of the st

3. The Killing
(November 2008/Fiction)
by Nirmala Pillai Muthu remembered the weariness and nausea. Stumbling, he had just managed to drag himself to the cement kerb before he blacked out. As awareness returned, he saw that it was dark.

4. Nirmala Pillai
(November 2008/Contributors)
Nirmala Pillai is a graduate in Microbiology and postgraduate in English Literature from Mumbai University. She has also finished a postgraduate diploma in Journalism from R.P Institute of Communicati

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