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1. Naha Kanie
(June 2017/Contributors)
Naha Kanie was born in Kanagawa, Japan, in 1980. His poetry collections were twice shortlisted for the Nakahara Chūya Prize: in 2014, for Orchestra Rehearsal and for MU in 2015. In 2016, he won the p

2. Island and Earth
(June 2017/Poetry)
by Naha Kanie, translated into English by Hiromitsu Koiso and Eluned Gramich ISLAND To a past where there was still only night, to fog from mist, a hundred years flowed by, we returned home after

3. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2017/Front page)
...Takano, Sarashina Genzō, Nadine Willems, Chan Lai-kuen, Jennifer Met, Judy Halebsky, Michael O'Sullivan, Naha Kanie, Hiromitsu Koiso, Eluned Gramich, Jeff Alessandrelli, Yoko Danno, Alvin Pang, Z...

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