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1. Miho Kinnas
(June 2017/Contributors)
Miho Kinnas is a poet, writer and translator. Her poems and translations appeared in journals including Cha, Poetry Kanto and Star*line. Today, Fish Only (Math Paper Press, 2015) is her first book of

2. Akira Kisa
(June 2017/Contributors)
.... Wanting to win more battles, he signed up for Interactive System of Inter-Scores Editing School where he met Miho Kinnas who translated his essay. He realised that many good battlers were librarian...

3. Where The Bibliobattles Are
(June 2017/Creative non-fiction)
by Akira Kisa, translated into English by Miho Kinnas The Book An Eight Legged Butterfly by Nikaido Okuba[i] is a blog-turned-into a book. The author was a young editor at an alternative publishin

4. Miho Kinnas
(March 2016/Contributors)
Born and raised in Japan, Miho Kinnas lives in Hilton Head Island on the South Carolina coast of the United States by way of an extended sojourn in Hong Kong and Shanghai. She holds an MFA in poetry f

5. Listen
(March 2016/Poetry)
by Miho Kinnas Listen out a violin from an orchestra A swimmer cuts water without a splash an airplane heard only at night A cellist l

6. Miho Kinnas
(September 2014/Contributors)
Miho Kinnas is a Japanese poet writing in English. She holds an MFA in creative writing (poetry) from the City University of Hong Kong. Her first book of poems, Today, Fish Only is due to be publish

7. Sudoku
(September 2014/Poetry)
by Miho Kinnas A solution in the box Sudoku No solution in the box Kodoku           Nobody in the house Slopped out of the bo

8. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(September 2014/Front page)
...anie Han, Shefali Tripathi Mehta, Yassen Vassilev, Geralyn Pinto, Varsha Saraiya-Shah, Nancy Lynée Woo, Miho Kinnas, Karen An-hwei Lee, Wong Leung Wo, Jessica Siu-yin Yeung, Iris Fan, Andrew Pu...

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2016/Front page)
...​ DeWitt Clinton, Shuli de la Fuente-Lau​, ​Lian-Hee Wee​,​ Luisa A. Igloria​, ​Jason Wee​, Miho Kinnas​, Ariel Francisco​, David Farrah​, Mantz Yorke​, Karen An-hwei Lee​...

10. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2017/Front page)
...brugh, Goro Takano, Blair Reeve   CREATIVE NON-FICTION: Fumiko Hayashi,​ Mariko Nagai, ​ Akira Kisa, Miho Kinnas, ​Jordan A. Y. Smith, ​Naoko Mabon, ​Mei Chiam  PHOTOGRAPHY &...

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