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by Dragoș Ilca   Kate Rogers, Foreign Skin, Aeolus House, 2015. 83 pgs. Mary-Jane Newton, Unlocking, Proverse Hong Kong, 2014. 88 pgs.   Foreign Skin, a collection of poems by Kate

...iona Au Yeung Akin Jeje, Smoked Pearl, Proverse, 2010. 117 pgs. Jason S. Polley, refrain, Proverse, 2010. 67 pgs. Mary-Jane Newton, Of Symbols Misused, Proverse, 2011. 86 pgs.   "I fina...

by Mary-Jane Newton   Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Because All is Not Lost: Verse on Grief, Modern History Press, 2010. 25 pgs. Expound on death and one joins a conversation already crowded with the

by Mary-Jane Newton   Anindita Sengupta, City of Water, Sahitya Akademi, 2010. 77 pgs. "Man's body is a problem to him that has to be explained," the anthropologist Ernest Becker

5. Two Poems
(February 2011/Poetry)
by Mary-Jane Newton To Peter Weiss or Albert Blades Here in my confinement, extinguished lights draw close the coat of night insects, which brings to me the loss of things I barely possessed. You kno

6. Mary-Jane Newton
(February 2011/Contributors)
Born in Goa to a Serbian mother and German father, Mary-Jane Newton spent the first years of her life in India. She subsequently grew up in Germany and England, and now grows up in Hong Kong. With a b

7. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2011/Front page)
... showcase their work: Poetry: Krishnakumar Sankaran, Vineet Kaul, David Sutherland, Graeme Brasher, Randy Gonzales, Mary-Jane Newton, Divya Rajan, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Jason Eng Hun Lee, Shelton Pinhei...

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