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1. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(August 2008/Front page)
...Lau, Mary Lee, Manuel Libres Librodo Jr, Lyn Lifshin, Reid Mitchell, Evelde Mourne, Papa Osmubal, Thaila Ramanujam, Margaret Stawowy and Ouyang Yu. Our first anniversary issue is due out in November...

2. Tokyo, Obon Week
(August 2008/Poetry)
by Margaret Stawowy Not concrete but earth pulsing beneath. Native plants break through blacktop while cicada drones drown all silence. The six o'clock temple bell rings at 6:05. That's how

3. Margaret Stawowy
(August 2008/Contributors)
Margaret Stawowy is a transplanted Chicago native who lived in Japan for eight years before returning to California where she works as a librarian and serves on the board of a local poetry organizatio

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