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1. Lyn Lifshin
(June 2013/Contributors)
Lyn Lifshin’s Another Woman Who Looks Like Me was published by Black Sparrow at David Godine October, 2006.. (Also out in 2006 is her prize winning book about the famous, short lived beautiful r

by Lyn Lifshin in her long gray drab berka. Some times it was hot. It was as if she wanted to bring color, not the source of the storm. Wanted to walk into life like it was her house. She wanted

3. Lyn Lifshin
(February 2010/Contributors)
Recent books from Lyn Lifshin include The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian (Texas Review Press), Aother Woman Who Looks Like Me (Black Sparrow at Godine), Cold Comfort, Before It's Light, D

4. Becoming What You're Called
(February 2010/Poetry)
by Lyn Lifshin some nights, lets say last night, halfway across the dance floor could have been Ethiopia, the moon. Until I was wine an alcoholic drooled for, chocolate some diabetic couldn't re

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2010/Front page)
...a Osmubal, Jean YeoJin Sung, Rocco de Giacomo, Selina Libi Bjorlie, Chris Tse, Angela Eun Ji Koh, Greg Santos, Lyn Lifshin, Marc Vincenz, Wena Poon and Richard Luftig Fiction: Kimarlee Nguyen and Alka...

6. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2013/Front page), Pey Pey Oh, Lisa Alexander Baron, Matthew A. Hamilton, Ae Hee Lee Kim, Craig Englund, Chris Tse, Jenna Le, Lyn Lifshin Fiction: Sim Wai Chew, Shirley Shao, Cathy Adams, Peter John Humphreys, Balvi...

7. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(August 2008/Front page)
... Holden, Kristy Joe, Ken Kamoche, William Kimzey, Gilbert Koh, Franky Lau, Mary Lee, Manuel Libres Librodo Jr, Lyn Lifshin, Reid Mitchell, Evelde Mourne, Papa Osmubal, Thaila Ramanujam, Margaret Stawo...

8. Lyn Lifshin
(August 2008/Contributors)
Lyn Lifshin, whose Before It's Light won the Paterson Poetry Award and Kiss the Skin Off won the Jack Kerouac Award, has published more than 125 books of poetry, and her work has appeared in hund

9. Four Poems
(August 2008/Poetry)
by Lyn Lifshin But Instead Has Gone Into Woods A girl goes into the woods and for what reason disappears behind branches and is never heard from again. We don't really know why, she could have g

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