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1. Of the Moth
(August 2009/Poetry)
by Larry Lefkowitz Of the great green gossamer moth I will tell this once Of the great green gossamer moth suffusing the night with jade As I, motionless Under slowly beating wings Wonder at the stra

2. Larry Lefkowitz
(August 2009/Contributors)
The stories, poetry, and humor of Larry Lefkowitz have appeared in publications in the U.S., Israel and Britain. Lefkowitz is currently looking for publishers for two novels: the first one is about a

3. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(August 2009/Front page)
...teve Ausherman, Nigel Beale, Amy Cheng, Patrick Donnelly, Viki Holmes, Luisa A. Igloria, Lillian Kwok, Franky Lau, Larry Lefkowitz, Eva Leung, Pierre Lien, Belle Ling Hoi Ching, Christopher Luppi, Jon...

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(May 2008/Front Page)
...ourne, YZ Chin, Tom Chandler, Pilot Chu,  Ashok Gupta, viki holmes, Yibing Huang, Sushma Joshi, Michael Judd, Larry Lefkowitz, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Clint Lorimore, Marina Ma, Jonathan Mendelsohn...

5. Tsunami
(May 2008/Fiction)
by Larry Lefkowitz Each day at about five o'clock in the afternoon on her way home from work she passed the motorcycle, motor scooter and bicycle repair shop where he worked. Usually she waved to

6. Larry Lefkowitz
(May 2008/Contributors)
Larry Lefkowitz was born in the United States and immigrated to Israel in 1972. His stories, poetry and humor have been published in the U.S., Israel and England. Lefkowitz has self-published humor bo

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