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1. Joshua Marie Wilkinson
(June 2017/Contributors)
Joshua Marie Wilkinson was born and raised in Seattle, USA. He is the author of many books including The Courier's Archive & Hymnal, based on Bashō's Narrow Road to the Deep Interior as w

2. After Reading Gozo Yoshimasu
(June 2017/Poetry)
by Joshua Marie Wilkinson There was a single room in which to lie down. It could be seen through the fogged up window if you pushed back the prickly shrubs which I did with the length of my arm.

3. On Writing Japan
(June 2017/Editorial)
...her first experience writing an essay in English. We also feature writers with momentary connections to Japan, such as Joshua Marie Wilkinson, whose poem "After Reading Gozo Yoshimasu" resp...

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2017/Front page)
... O'Sullivan, Naha Kanie, Hiromitsu Koiso, Eluned Gramich, Jeff Alessandrelli, Yoko Danno, Alvin Pang, Zoria April, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Trane DeVore, Joshua Ip, Loren Goodman FICTION: Nori Na...

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