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by Moira Moody   John Biggs, Tin Dragons, Maygog Publishing, 2008. 266 pgs. Tin Dragons is Australian author John Biggs' third novel, a tale focusing on the lives of those who lived in and a

2. John Biggs
(February 2008/Contributors)
John Biggs, after teaching in Hong Kong, fell like a falling leaf to his roots in Tasmania to write fiction, mostly Sino-Tasmanian fusion. He has published several short stories and three novels, two

3. His Old Man Suit
(February 2008/Poetry)
by John Biggs Laughing face, black hair, tilted eyes, Body lissom as a sapling.   He stares at her enraptured, Desiring, remembering, oh yes, remembering.   She catches him staring And s

4. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2008/Front page)
...t Asia. The second issue of Cha has now been launched. It features works by 23 writers/artists: Robert Abel, John Biggs, David Braden, Michelle Cahill, Sam Ferrer, Richard Freadman, Suzanne Hermanocz...

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