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1. Joe N. Brown
(December 2017/Contributors)
Joe N. Brown is a writer and illustrator born and based in Hong Kong. He is a graduate of City University of Hong Kong's MFA Creative Writing programme. His self-published novel, Through The Dust,

2. The Guilt in Coiled Comfort
(December 2017/Fiction)
by Joe N. Brown When the earth gave way and buried our garden, it left a nest of snakes entwined in our football net. Their lips pink and wide and eyes filled of fading amber—my brother and I

3. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2017/Front page)
...u Xi, Abel Song Han​, Christophe Tong Yui (translator: Chris Song)​, Lawrence Pun (translator: Chris Song), Joe N. Brown, James Hatton​ and​ Daniel Zhao ESSAYS: Wong Kwok Kui​ (translator: C...

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