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by Jennifer Wong Jennifer Wong and Theophilus Kwek Theophilus Kwek is the author of four volumes of poetry, most recently The First Five Storms, which won the New Poets' Prize in 2016. He spoke

2. Jennifer Wong
(March 2017/Contributors)
Born and grew up in Hong Kong, Jennifer Wong is the author of two collections including Goldfish (Chameleon Press, 2013). She studied English at Oxford University and has an MA in creative writing fr

...antel which has been taken up by Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Tammy Ho, Timothy Kaiser and Eddie Tay; David McKirdy and Jennifer Wong have both published collections and Sarah Howe's beautifully crafte...

...ith is not just “Hong Kong” but desde orfrom Hong Kong—a preposition already on the move. Read Jennifer Wong’s poem to see what I mean, and Madeleine Slavick’s, and Hao G...

... MCCM Creations, 2012. 200 pgs. Agnes Lam, A Pond in the Sky: Selected and New Poems, ASM Poetry, 2013. 195 pgs. Jennifer Wong, Goldfish, Chameleon Press, 2013. 108 pgs. Hong Kong is often said t...

6. Introduction
(November 2012/Hong Kong Feature)
by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming Nicholas Wong | Kit Fan | Eddie Tay | Arthur Leung | Jason Lee | Belle Ling | Jennifer Wong As part of our fifth anniversary issue, I thought it would only be right to pay trib

7. Hong Kong Feature
(November 2012/Contributors)

8. Jennifer Wong
(November 2012/Hong Kong Feature)
BIOGRAPHY Jennifer Wong's first poetry collection, Summer Cicadas, was published by Chameleon Press. Her second collection, Goldfish, is forthcoming. Her poems have appeared in journals inc

by Jennifer Wong Leung Ping Kwan, Shifting Borders, ASM, 2009. 197 pgs. Christopher (Kit) Kelen, To the Single Man's Hut: Poems and Pictures, ASM, 2010. 159 pgs. Song Zijiang, Wiping the Dim Sk

10. Jennifer Wong
(September 2010/Contributors)
A writer from Hong Kong, Jennifer Wong's poems have appeared in Warwick Review, Iota, Coffeehouse Poetry, Cha, Dimsum, Aesthetica, Mascara, New Writer, Strong Verse, Open Wide Magazine, the UEA an

11. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(November 2008/Front page)
...hiau, Gillian Sze, Tai Dong Huai, Eddie Tay, Royston Tester, Toh Hsien Min, Sean Wiebe, Alison Wong, Bo Wong and Jennifer Wong. Our sixth issue is due out in February 2009. Award-winning Hong Kong po...

12. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(September 2010/Front page)
...ssays: Margaret Hui Lian Lim, Emily Lim, Sarah Brennan and Adeline Foo Reviews: Reid Mitchell, Martin Alexander, Jennifer Wong, Alice Tsay and Flora Mak Our thirteenth issue is due out in Februar...

13. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(November 2012/Front page)
...Bradshaw Hong Kong Feature: Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Kit Fan, Eddie Tay, Arthur Leung, Jason Hun Eng Lee, Belle Ling, Jennifer Wong Fiction: Xie Shi Min, Grace Andreacchi, Dorothy Place, Xenia Taiga, Sara...

14. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2017/Front page) Beja,​ ​Ray Granlund Essays: Karen Fang​,​ Ankur Agarwal​, ​Joshua Ip Interviews: Karen M​a, ​Jennifer Wong​, J​hilam Chattaraj Photography & art: Aaron Anfinson​, ​Ha...

15. Companions
(November 2008/Poetry)
by Jennifer Wong I've seen you make those Plenty of times: Tights, lingerie, lumps of cotton. Scissors and strings. For days you'd sit Cold on the newspapered floor, Fervently twisting them i

16. Jennifer Wong
(November 2008/Contributors)
Jennifer Wong is a Hong Kong poet and author of poetry collection Summer Cicadas. She has participated in the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival. She is delighted in the way poetry and

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