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...tion already on the move. Read Jennifer Wong’s poem to see what I mean, and Madeleine Slavick’s, and Hao Guang Tse’s, and many others. Better yet, read them all.   [1] All t...

...izon of leafless trees, all in one fluid breath. Notable. [Read "The City Park"] Highly Commended: Hao Guang Tse's "Drafts" In "Drafts," Tse captures a moment...

3. Hao Guang Tse
(March 2014/Contributors)
Hao Guang Tse is interested in form and formation, creativity and quotation, lyrics and line breaks. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Prairie Schooner,

4. Drafts
(March 2014/Contest winners)
by Hao Guang Tse Wind hisses at the copse and illustrates the severed gashes ripped into its flank. Wind complains and raises the hackles of the vines. Earth is peaty, rich and dank. Wind his

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2014/Front page) "Void" poetry contest winners: Catherine Edmunds, Richard L. Provencher, Arlene Yandug, Maj Ikle, Hao Guang Tse, Leondrea Tan, Amit Shankar Saha Fiction: Mark Crimmins, Sreedhevi Iyer,...

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