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by Lu Jin   Han Dong (author), Nicky Harman (editor and translator), A Phone Call from Dalian, The Chinese University Press, 2012, 108 pgs. Lan Lan (author), Fiona Sze-Lorrain (translator), Can

2. Ancient China: Post- (Almost) LKY Singapore
(December 2013/Creative non-fiction)
...), guess how much? Go on, try for it... Not five or even ten a pop. Keep going. Gorgeous Geylang supper at Shan Dong Seow Tu again—"Shandong Little Kitchen," Lav keen to see the famous...

3. Han Dong
(July 2011/Contributors)
Born 17 May, 1961 in Nanjing, Han Dong's parents were banished to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution, taking him with them. When the Cultural Revolution ended, he studied philosophy at

4. Nicky Harman
(July 2011/Contributors)
... translating the novel Gold Mountain Blues 《金山》, by Zhang Ling, and a volume of Han Dong's poetry, and is working on a novella by Yan Geling. She will be Translator&nda...

5. Screwed
(July 2011/Fiction in translation)
by Han Dong, translated from the Chinese and introduced by Nicky Harman An Introduction to Han Dong and Screwed by his translator Nicky Harman Han Dong first became known in the 1980s as an avant-

6. Banished!
(July 2011/Reviews)
by Katherine Foster   Han Dong, translated by Nicky Harman, Banished!, University of Hawai'i Press, 2009. 251 pgs. It is 1969, three years into the Cultural Revolution, and a cadre family fr

7. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(July 2011/Front page)
...ku Wuwu, Mark Bender Fiction: Isabelle Li, L.M. Magalas, Kaitlin Solimine Fiction in translation: Han Dong, Nicky Harman Creative non-fiction: Madeleine Marie Slavick, Michal Slaby Art &...

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