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1. Preface to Unsleeping Philosophy
(December 2017/Essays)
by Wong Kwok Kui, translated from Chinese into English by Chris Song Editors' Note: Earlier this year, Commercial Press removed Wong Kwok Kui's preface to Unsleeping Philosophy after the aca

2. Grey
(December 2017/Fiction)
by Lawrence Pun, translated from Chinese into English by Chris Song When Grey was stepping across the platform gap, as usual, she heard a greyest voice repeating this line: "Please hold the handr

3. Doll
(December 2017/Fiction)
by Christophe Tong Yui, translated from Chinese into English by Chris Song   You have a doll like this, don't you? Like this all those lost memories surface as shards.   &

4. To the Zither
(December 2017/Poetry)
by Chris Song in both Chinese and English versions They don't let you swipe your card. They don't let you play. They force you to read the MTR by-laws. You shall play smart. Don't do it.

5. Chris Song
(December 2017/Contributors)
Chris Song 宋子江 is a poet and translator based in Hong Kong. He has published three collections of poetry and many volumes of poetry translation. He was poet-in-residence at Bundanon in New South

6. Candid Hong Kong: PEN Hong Kong's Anthology
(December 2017/Book reviews)
...lophone writing often ignores. For example, the first three of Chow Hon Fai’s five poems, translated by Chris Song, are about a small locale in the New Territories. These poems correct the Hong ...

7. Structures
(December 2015/Photography)
by Chris Song Building dystopia 6   Invisibly visible   The city becomes the horizon on a smoggy morning   Building dystopia 4  

8. Chris Song
(December 2015/Contributors)
Chris Song has published two collections of poetry and more than twenty books of poetry translation. He was poet in residence at Bundanon NSW Australia in 2010-2011, and won the "Extraordinar

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2015/Front page)
...on-fiction: Rose Draper, Nicky Harman Lost Tea: Travis Lee Photography & art: Suzanne Lai (cover artist), Chris Song, Sanchita Chatterjee Reviews: Austin Long, Michael Tsang, Kerri Lu, Shiqin Chen...

10. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2017/Front page)
...nder, Eddie Tay​, Dorothy Chan​, Michael O'Sullivan​, Chan Lai-kuen, Alan Jefferies​, Wawa​, ​Chris Song​, ​Tse Hao Guang​, Joshua Ip, Collier Nogues​, ​Lim Lee Ching​, Pet...

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