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1. Andrea Lingenfelter
(December 2017/Contributors)
Andrea (Ondi) Lingenfelter's poetry has appeared in Cha, Strix, and FullTilt. Translations include Hon Lai Chu's collection of surrealistic short fiction The Kite Family, The Changing Room: Se

2. Stolen Kidney
(December 2017/Fiction)
by Hon Lai Chu, translated from Chinese into English by Andrea Lingenfelter Everybody knew W by the way he walked, like the letter "Z". Actually, it wasn't just his gait, that distin

3. Two Poems
(March 2016/Poetry)
by Andrea Lingenfelter MASTER OF NETS a pair of blondish women in loud strappy sandals bright clothes layered like handbills on a wall tripping by with their guide soon en route to other ga

4. Andrea Lingenfelter
(March 2016/Contributors)
Andrea (Ondi) Lingenfelter is a poet, translator, and scholar of Chinese literature. Her translations include The Kite Family (Muse, 2015), a collection of surrealistic short fiction by Hong Kong writ

5. Andrea Lingenfelter
(July 2011/Contributors)
Andrea (Ondi) Lingenfelter is a poet and translator of poetry, fiction and occasional film subtitles. Her translations of Zhai Yongming and other poets have appeared in a number of anthologies and jou

6. Five Poems
(July 2011/Translations)
by Zhai Yongming, translated from the Chinese by Andrea Lingenfelter Abandoned House There, the steps are a deep purple There, the plants are red sunbirds There, the stones have human faces I often

7. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(July 2011/Front page)
..., Amylia Grace Poetry in translation: Duo Duo, Mai Mang, Wang Jiaxin, Christopher Lupke, Zhai Yongming, Andrea Lingenfelter, Xi Chuan, Lucas Klein, Zang Di, Ming Di, Meng...

8. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2016/Front page)
.../artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:   ​Poetry: Mang Ke​,​ Lucas Klein​, ​Andrea Lingenfelter​,​ DeWitt Clinton, Shuli de la Fuente-Lau​, ​Lian-H...

9. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2017/Front page)
...n​, Reid Mitchell​ and ​Karen Cheung PEEL STREET POETRY: Peel Street Poets FICTION: Hon Lai Chu (translator: Andrea Lingenfelter)​,​ Xu Xi, Abel Song Han​, Christophe Tong Yui (transla...

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