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1. From "Wuhan in Construction"
(March 2017/Poetry)
by Alistair Noon 3. Ah Wuhan is loud. Yesterday, sesame noodles. My friend, whose father's in the army hills, mother command the birth control battalion, explains the inner voice. Beijing i

2. Alistair Noon
(March 2017/Contributors)
Alistair Noon's most recent publications are The Kerosene Singing (Nine Arches Press) and Surveyors' Riddles, a collaboration with Giles Goodland (Sidekick Books), both from 2015. A pamphlet,

...ect I shall be back by June, but you can never tell with these currents.   Editors' note: Also read Alistair Noon's "The Expat's Partner: An Email". ...

4. Language Games
(July 2011/Reviews)
by Jason Eng Hun Lee Ouyang Yu, The English Class, Transit Lounge, 2010. 400 pgs. Alistair Noon, Some Questions on the Cultural Revolution, Gratton Street Irregulars, 2010. 32 pgs. As far as post-

...e Lien Agnes Vong, glitter on the sketch, ASM and Timber Publishing and Cultural Promotion Ltd., 2008. 85 pgs. Alistair Noon, At the Emptying of Dustbins, Oystercatcher Press, 2009. 16 pgs. I want t...

6. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2017/Front page)
...Ho Lai-Ming.   The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work: Poetry: Alistair Noon, Peter Kennedy, Deborah Guzzi, Andy Ang, Theophilus Kwek, Aimee Cando, Re...

7. Alistair Noon
(February 2008/Contributors)
Alistair Noon has lived in Shanghai and Wuhan. Based in Berlin since the early nineties, he co-edits Bordercrossing Berlin, a magazine focusing on Anglophone writing from outside English-speaking coun

8. Wuhan Punk
(February 2008/Creative non-fiction)
by Alistair Noon i. Ko-Jin goes west from Ko-kaku-ro, The smoke-flowers are blurred over the river. His lone sail blots the far sky. And now I see only the river,       

9. The Expat's Partner: An Email
(February 2008/Poetry)
by Alistair Noon A hundred miles from swells and tides, planks flotsam a building site. Trees practise for spring with first buds, though snow survives in dumper truck ruts. Shadows of girders lattic

10. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(February 2008/Front page)
...Luisa A. Igloria, Agnes Lam, Mary Lee, Janny Leung, Mark Malby, Debra Moffitt, Chris Mooney-Singh, Ashok Niyogi, Alistair Noon, Alvin Pang, Kay Sexton, Mark Stringer, Todd Swift, Mag Tan and Eddie Tay...

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