Poetry / November 2008 (Issue 5)

The Mirror Logic According to Flemish

by Tiziano Fratus

you fight logic with logic somebody said
a man in a bar at the borders of centre and at the centre of borders
if he thinks at life that nails like pins in puppet’s clothes
and if he thinks to attraction of darkness every night
if he thinks on how the threshold drive us to escape in any way loneliness’ weight
that exits from the edges of drawers of comò and from safe’s shelves
pressure that loosen tap’s washer and make it dripping
tic tic tic tic tic
if he thinks at the rust that every morning he find on his hands tears evaporated
and pail by pail drained the sea that like a tongue deposits itself
during the slow night hours at the bed’s feet
throw the hook into the round mirror that reflects just flemish faces
a redfish swimming in the loneliness of  smash striking his element
and it seems carefully to understand what its lips are repeating since centuries
human beings are confusion carriers

(Translated from the Italian by Massimo Giovara)

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