Contributors / February 2009 (Issue 6)

Yuan Qiongqiong
ImageYuan Qiongqiong has been a prolific author in Taiwan since the 1970s, and is highly acclaimed for her short stories and essays. She also published poetry under the name Zhu Ling, and has written novels, numerous scripts, lyrics, and criticisms, as well as having been a radio show host. Yuan's works include Hong Chen Xin Shi [Private Thoughts in the Red Dust, 1981], Zi Ji De Tian Kong [A Sky of One's Own, 1981], Chun Shui Chuan [Spring Water Boat, 1985], Yuan Qiongqiong Ji Duan Pian [Short-Short Stories by Yuan Qiongqiong, 1988], Jin Shen Yuan [This Love, This Life, 1988], Kong Bu Shi Dai [The Age of Terror, 1998], and the most recent Qing Shu's [Love Letters series, 2006-7]. [Read]

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