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1. Twin Cinema Of A Sunday Election
(December 2017/Poetry)
by Joshua Ip everyone thinks in the end. not earlier than that. we can never trust these people, just that: without experience, removed from the world we inhabit, less dreams. more space for two syst

2. Joshua Ip
(December 2017/Contributors)
Joshua Ip is a poet, editor, and literary organiser. He has published four poetry collections with Math Paper Press, won the Singapore Literature Prize for his debut, sonnets from the singlish, and pl

3. Joshua Ip
(June 2017/Contributors)
Joshua Ip is the author of three volumes of poetry: sonnets from the singlish UPSIZE edition (威力加强版) (2015), making love with scrabble tiles (2013), and sonnets from the singlish (2012),

4. Shikata ga nai
(June 2017/Poetry)
by Joshua Ip what happens now is what has always happened and will continue till it no longer does. the words that we say to remind us what is, is are the same ones our fathers said to us. we wi

by Joshua Ip Many times being a writer feels like living in a lonely outpost in a godforsaken wilderness—the few rare instances every decade that you produce work are your only dispatches back

6. Joshua Ip
(March 2017/Contributors)
Joshua Ip is the author of two-and-a-half volumes of poetry from Math Paper Press: sonnets from the singlish UPSIZE EDITION (威力加强版) (2015), making love with scrabble tiles (2013), and

by Collier Nogues   Christine Chia and Joshua Ip (editors), A Luxury We Cannot Afford: An Anthology of Singapore Poetry, Math Paper Press, 2014. 127 pgs. Ann Ang, Joshua Ip and Pooja Nansi (ed

by Chloe Li    James Shea, The Lost Novel, Fence Books, 2014. 88 pgs. Joshua Ip, Sonnets from the Singlish, Math Paper Press, 2014. 53 pgs.   James Shea's second collection of p

9. Joshua Ip
(June 2013/Contributors)
Joshua Ip has the attention span of a poet and the love for poetry of a Singaporean. His first collection, sonnets from the singlish was published by Math Paper Press in 2012. He is currently working

10. first date at jumbo seafood
(June 2013/Poetry)
by Joshua Ip a compromising venue, he surmised, offering her a wholly shellfish menu, the none-too-subtle proposition - here, i will peel prawns for you, open oysters, crack crustaceans, muscle open

11. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2013/Front page)
... of a Poem”. The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work: Poetry: Joshua Ip, Tim Suermondt, Anu Elizabeth Roche, Raydon L. Reyes, Aye Wollam, Pey Pey Oh, Lis...

12. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(March 2017/Front page) Letter from Macau: Hélder Beja,​ ​Ray Granlund Essays: Karen Fang​,​ Ankur Agarwal​, ​Joshua Ip Interviews: Karen M​a, ​Jennifer Wong​, J​hilam Chattaraj Photography &...

13. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(June 2017/Front page)
...uned Gramich, Jeff Alessandrelli, Yoko Danno, Alvin Pang, Zoria April, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Trane DeVore, Joshua Ip, Loren Goodman FICTION: Nori Nakagami, Kendall Heitzman, Alfred Birnbaum, Leste...

14. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2017/Front page)
...Michael O'Sullivan​, Chan Lai-kuen, Alan Jefferies​, Wawa​, ​Chris Song​, ​Tse Hao Guang​, Joshua Ip, Collier Nogues​, ​Lim Lee Ching​, Peter Kennedy​, David McKirdy, James S...

...) [profile]; Royston Tester (prose) [profile] #41, September 2018 - "Writing Singapore" Joshua Ip (poetry) [profile]; Eddie Tay (prose) [profile] #40, June 2018 - "Writing...

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