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1. On The "Reconciliation" Poetry Contest Winners
(December 2014/Contest winners)
by Jason Eng Hun Lee First Prize: Blackout This one had me from the very beginning due to the deliberate pacing of the lines and the way it progresses superbly from a s

2. Blackout
(December 2014/Contest winners)
by Jeffrey Javier In the city of lights they turned the power off and the citizens went out of their dim hiding looking for the visions they lost in the dark. They gathered confused in stree

3. Jeffrey Javier
(December 2014/Contributors)
Jeffrey Javier is a graduate of the Creative Writing program of the University of the Philippines Mindanao. He lives in Davao City and works from home for an online company. [Reconciliation 1 | 2]

4. Missing
(December 2014/Contest winners)
by Jeffrey Javier When things are missing I crouch on the floor and look for them under the bed. Like the monsters I imagined as a child, they do not always turn up where I needed them. Sometime

5. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
(December 2014/Front page)
...Joshua Burns, Chip Dameron, Camille Rivera, Bob Bradshaw  "Reconciliation" poetry contest winners: Jeffrey Javier, Manjiri Indurkar, Naveed Alam, Robert Perchan, Jyotsna Jha, Meg Eden K...

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