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...en and Earth, published by Epigram Books in 2017, is a fictional biography of the Chinese poet Du Fu (courtesy name Zimei, 712–770 CE). Put into comprehensive order through a process o...

...ose that attempt to open dialogues with the past or to provide tribute. A short poem, “Revisiting Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage”—which recounts a journey to a park and museum in C...

3. Du Fu On The Lonely Night Boat
(September 2015/Poetry)
by Jonathan Louis Duckworth The steep hills flanking the river were to the poet like two hands that could close together in an instant. The boatman claimed a greater dimness awaited further up

4. Two Poems
(March 2014/Poetry)
... —‘Meditations on Autumn (I)’, Du Fu My sisters, this bolt of silk in your hands I have washed all morning in the river, b...

5. Two Poems
(December 2013/Translation)
by Xiao Kaiyu, translated by Christopher Lupke Homage to Du Fu (Part One) This is another China.           For what does it exist? Nobody answered, and

6. Du Fu
(December 2013/Contributors)
Du Fu (712–770) was a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty. [Translation]

7. Four Poems
(December 2013/Translation)
by Du Fu, translated by George Life Deeply Ill and Suffering from the Heat, Presenting my Thoughts to Minister Li Zhifang in waning years suffering through     the onset of illness

8. George Life
(December 2013/Contributors)
...ght and traveled extensively in China, and is now working on a selected translation of the late poems of Du Fu. His own poems can be found at Spiral Orb and The Dictionary Project. He lives at present...

9. Eddie Tay
(November 2012/Hong Kong Feature)
...enditions of mythic and colonial history of Malaya as well as a homage to the Tang Dynasty poets Li Bai, Du Fu and Li He. His second volume of poetry, A Lover's Soliloquy, extends his interests in...

10. My Uniform is Dirty
(March 2012/Poetry)
... ye xi yu, spring night welcomes rain.[3] Tang poems, why always in the rain? Teacher asks me to recite Du Fu, chi ri jiang shan li.[4] "Think of the sky red, water and hills as ribbons." ...

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